Question of Faith

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This is a community for all individuals interested in discussing and learning about topics related to faith, spirituality and religion. Members of all faiths are welcomed, as are agnostics and other seekers who are interested in learning more about various beliefs systems and posing questions to believers. All participants are encouraged to post background information and history on their faith, to provide their personal stories and testimony, to share their questions and struggles and to answer questions posed about various faith and religion topics. Sharing suggested reading lists and other helpful resources with seekers and others is strongly encouraged. Please feel free to post links to websites with relevant information pertaining to the topics at hand - no advertisements please!

Please be advised, this is a non-confrontational community, and threats, judgements and ultimatums will not be tolerated. Community membership at this time is open. Click the link above to join, and you will instantly be allowed to post and to reply to all topics on the community.